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Welcome toWard 8

Much of what is now Ward 8 was farmland during the early history of Washington, DC, and a rural character is occasionally evident among the houses, apartment buildings, and institutions of the ward. The historic Anacostia neighborhood is the oldest in the ward, having been founded as Uniontown, one of Washington’s first suburbs, in 1854. It has a variety of wood frame, brick houses, and townhouses, as well as grander homes such as Cedar Hill, the Frederick Douglass House. Further south is the neighborhood of Congress Heights, which has the largest commercial area in the ward, which runs along Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X Avenues, as well as a number of garden apartments and single-family bungalows. Washington Highlands is located further south, and is home to many apartment complexes, as well as new single-family homes at Walter Washington Estates.

The neighborhood of Bellevue sits at the far southern end of the District, and has many garden apartments and 1940s era detached homes with yards. Ward 8 also has several large federal and local institutions. Bolling Air Force Base, for example, is in many ways a small town of its own, stretching along the Anacostia riverfront. Saint Elizabeths Hospital is a large campus with sweeping views of the city that has become home to local and federal government agencies. The Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant and DC Village both take up significant acreage at the southern tip of the city.